Excelerate 2020 Postponed: FAQs For Sponsors

Has Excelerate 2020 been postponed?
Yes, after careful consideration, iBASEt has made the decision to postpone Excelerate 2020, as a direct response to the continued spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our attendees, sponsors, and employees is a top priority for iBASEt. We made this choice out of an abundance of caution and believe it is the correct decision given the evolving public health concerns we now face.

When will Excelerate 2020 now take place?
At the current time, we haven’t finalized a new date. Given the highly fluid, dynamic situation as it is currently unfolding, several options are now being considered. However, no further details can be shared at the current time. As soon as a replacement date is confirmed, a new communication will be sent.

What safety precautions will be taken at the rescheduled event?
iBASEt will continue to closely monitor the evolution and spread of the Coronavirus with the relevant health authorities. An appropriate level of security and health precautions will be put in place for this and any future events hosted by iBASEt in order to conduct business in a safe and orderly manner. Any future date will only be selected if we are certain that conditions are safe, and that business can be conducted in an orderly and effective manner.

As a sponsor, what should I do next?
Your current sponsorship agreement will remain in place, with deliverables that will be provided as originally contractually agreed upon. The only change is the date of the event, which has been postponed to a future date that will be announced soon.

Please reach out to your existing contacts to answer any questions you may have, or contact Gordon Benzie at [email protected] with any questions.

We realize that today’s business conditions changed over the past few weeks in a way none of us likely anticipated. But, together, we can make it through this change to still achieve all our business objectives as part of your participation as a sponsor to Excelerate 2020.

Can I swap out who will attend Excelerate 2020, based on this change? How do I make this happen?
Should you have any scheduling change whereby the existing registrants can no longer attend or need to be replaced with different attendees, iBASEt will work with you to make this change. This change can be done all the way up to 48 hours prior to the event. In order to process any registration transfer, please contact Gordon Benzie at [email protected] with your request. Be sure to include the first name, last name, company name of both the existing and new registrants to streamline this request.

All existing registrations will be transferred to the new event. No further action is required for those attending the deferred event.

I have already paid for event registrations beyond those covered as part of my sponsorship package. Can I get a refund?
Should you decide that you will no longer be able to send as many employees to Excelerate 2020 in October as part of your sponsorship investment, then you can request a refund and receive a credit back on the full purchase price you paid. To process any registration cancellation, please contact Gordon Benzie at [email protected] with your request.

Please recognize, however, that any discounts applied as part of your current registration cannot be guaranteed to be available in the future, as the October date approaches.

All existing registrations will be transferred to the new event. No further action is required for those attending the deferred event.

Do I need to change my hotel reservation?
Yes. You will need to contact the Marriott to change your arrival and departure dates. Here are three ways to make this happen: follow a link in the confirmation email that the Marriott sent, call the Marriott at (949) 661-5000, or visit their website and log into your account: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/snadp-laguna-cliffs-marriott-resort-and-spa/.

There is no fee or cancellation charge to make this change, provided it is done at least three days prior to your arrival. We will be negotiating to offer a new discounted group room rate and will announce that rate at the time of the new event date communication.

Will iBASEt reimburse for any other costs for services booked with third parties (e.g. travel, visas, etc.)?
No, services ordered from any other third parties are based solely on the relationship between the parties who concluded the contract. iBASEt will not reimburse any costs in this respect.

Will my Sponsorship contract with Excelerate 2020 continue to be in place for the new date?
Yes. Your existing contract will remain in force for the new event period. Should the new date provide an undue hardship precluding your ability to effectively participate in the rescheduled event, please contact iBASEt immediately to explore possible options.

Will the price of the sponsorship packages or services change for the new date?
The price of your sponsorship package that you have already booked will not change. iBASEt is actively working with all third parties to do our best to avoid any future cost increases in associated services.

Will iBASEt reimburse us for costs for services booked with third parties (e.g. catering, travel, accommodations, etc.)?
No, services ordered from third parties are based exclusively on the relationship between the parties who have concluded the contract. iBASEt will not reimburse any costs in this respect.

I still have unanswered questions. Who do I contact?
Feel free to contact your account manager for any further questions you may have. Alternatively, you may contact Gordon Benzie at iBASEt by sending an email to [email protected].

We will do our best to work with you as we navigate through this challenging “black swan” event. Your continued willingness to work with us, support this event deferral, and flexibility are much appreciated. We are absolutely committed to making sure the rescheduled event an exceptional value with the same high quality of customer success stories, sponsor participation, and product/technology roadmap updates as originally planned.

From this information overview, no legal claims can be derived.

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