Rob Valent – ATS Global

Global Partner Manager

Rob Valent is Global Partner Manager at ATS Global, The Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation globally in the area of technical automation for the manufacturing industry. He is responsible for the Global partnerships between ATS and its Global partners like iBASEt,   worldwide.

Rob started his career as an engineer at the companies AEG and Cegelec in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and specialized in drive systems and technical automation for manufacturing. From the beginning computers and programmable logic controllers fascinated him and that has never changed.

He travelled the globe providing technical automation solutions for all challenges that customers faced.

In 1988 the change to ATS Global provided the opportunity to put the gained knowledge and skills into action as an Independent Solution Provider. The major change was to provide the best possible solution in the best interest of the customer, to add real value for that customer, and not having to sell a specific brand or product. This Independent approach of ATS, our experience, your success, ignited the fast growth we still experience today and Rob is proud to be part of this.

Specific areas of interest Controls & Robotics, IT/OT Convergence, MES/MOM, PLM, Data Centers, Smart Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Virtualization and Cloud, Low Code, Quality, Continues improvement, MES/MOM benefit realization and Industry 4.0 & Smart manufacturing.

3.15 - 4.15 PM

Wednesday 9th Nov

Digital Rising : A strategic approach to digital transformation in manufacturing

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The Digital Revolution is real and is happening ‘Now’. But, the single biggest question facing manufacturers is…HOW? Digital Rising is a strategic procedural method that enables your manufacturing business to fully realize its digital ambitions irrespective of their size and scope.