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Pre-Conference Workshops

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Pre–Conference Workshops (PCWs) are an integral part of the Excelerate conference. They are small, focused meetings that take place the day before the main Excelerate conference. They are intended to provoke intellectual discussion, among a diverse range of participants, on a specific topic.


Select individual session titles below.  Seating is limited (enroll early).


Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on Monday, March 11. Lunch included. 

Overview – Session 1

MRO Instructions vs. Manufacturing How to Deliver Both

This Session will focus on what makes MRO different:

  •  Understanding:
    • The Installation/Removals dashboard based on Ref Des
    • Master Repair Plans for multiple PNs
    • Disposition Rules
    • Removal Rules
    • Auto Generated Orders
    • Include/Exclude
    • Standard vs Ad-Hoc Repairs
  • Linking actions to Mandates (SBs, ADs, Manual Chapters)
  • Linking sections vs authoring interactive instructions
  • Solumina Offline (Authoring for…)

Date: March 11

Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. PT

Cost: $595


Overview – Session 2

Adapt Quality & Performance Metrics for Business

This Session will focus on:

  1. How do you identify your “KEY” actors that use Solumina Daily
  2. How do they know what to work on?
  3. If each Actor could have ONE PLACE to see all that matters, what would that look like (Landing Page)
  4. For each page and tab (sub data), what metrics do they need low-click access to (enable them to determine if the actions are working)
  5. How do they prioritize their tasks?
  6. What are the greatest exceptions (DDSE)?
    • Defects
    • Delays
    • Shortages
    • Engineering Changes


    We will cover how to design each Landing Page and which metrics (DDSE) need to be one click away!

    Date: March 11

    Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. PT 

    Cost: $595


We can't wait to see you in Newport Beach, California!

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