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Naveen Poonian

CEO, iBase-t

Keynote, José Hernández

Former NASA astronaut, and the subject of the 2023 biopic A Million Miles Away

Sung Kim

Chief Technology Officer, iBase-t

Michel Gadbois

Sr VP & Chief, Enterprise Architect, iBase-t

Jasdeep Singh Mann

VP Cybersecurity and Information Technology, iBase-t

Jonathan Scott

Chief Architect, Razorleaf Corporation

Kathryn Hoffman

Manager, Product Management, iBase-t

Darrell Sabourin

Product Manager, iBase-t

Mariel Feder Szafir

Business Systems Director, Satellogic

Stephanie Calabrese

Global Business Process Owner – Sales & Service Management

Ryan Schmitz

Global Manufacturing Applications Manager

Dudley Benedict

Global Business Process Owner – QM/MES

Kevin Gallagher

Solution Engineer, iBase-t

Tim Romley

Solution Engineer, iBase-t

Holly Haines

Sr. Manager, Customer Experience, iBase-t

Thomas Jones

Sr. Manager, Business Solutions Consultant, iBase-t

Vishal Patel

Sr. Software Architect, iBase-t

Michael Hargroder

Product Design Manager, iBase-t

Jonathan Lofton

Director, Customer Experience, iBase-t

Mike DeClerck

VP Professional Services, iBase-t

Jolly Lin

Principal Integration Architect, iBase-t

Prasad Gorthy

Sr. Manager Software Development, iBase-t

Terry Hartson

Database Administrator, iBase-t

Baskar Subramaniam

Manager, Software Development, iBase-t

Jeremy Mullis

Solution Engineer, iBase-t

Mark Gevaert

Sr. DevOps Engineer, iBase-t

Jeff Gleeson

Former Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Sr. Manager and Tech Fellow for Advanced Manufacturing Systems

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