Attila Labas

Sr. Director of Product Management

As a Senior Director of Product Management at iBASEt, Attila brings over 12 years of Product Management and 10 years of Software Development experience to the leadership team.

He is responsible for overseeing the product management operations across the organization and ensuring that the procedures meet the business requirements and client specifications.

He also has deep experience in developing product strategy, roadmap, and requirements with cross-functional teams and in launching successful software products.

Attila earned his BS degree in Computer Sciences in Hungary, holds a IPMA Project Manager certification from Germany, and contributed to over 15 patents.

10.15 - 10.55 AM

Tuesday 8th Nov


We are looking forward to sharing our next product release cycle, bug and enhancements definitions, and roadmaps for iBASEt’s upcoming releases.

3.15 - 4:15 PM

Tuesday 8th Nov

BREAKOUT 3: Bridging the Gap Between PLM & MES

Join Attila Labas and Jonathan Scott from Razorleaf, as they partner together to discuss:

  • Why the engineering-manufacturing gap exists and why it has been difficult to bridge
  • The damage this gap presents to not only the business, but also to manufacturing and engineering
  • Why it is imperative to bridge the gap now
  • What manufacturers can do now to start building an effective bridge between PLM and MES